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Your Teacher

Hi there, I'm Yaron Livnay. 


I am an editor with 20 years’ experience, bachelor’s and master’s degrees (2005) in film and television.


Alongside editing, I have started teaching throughout my degree. I have taught courses in colleges, given lectures and seminars, and taught private lessons

The lessons I give are suitable for students of all levels of experience. 


There is a solution for beginning editors, veteran editors, and editors who move from other software.

Avid Media Composer is a complex software. All users can deepen their knowledge in it and improve their abilities.

My classes are designed to strengthen your abilities; whether you are a beginner or a veteran


אפשר לרכוש הקלטה
של ערב הפורמטים
שעתיים וחצי של ידע סופר שימושי על כל מה שקשור בקבצים, קודקים, ואיך לעבוד איתם.
מתאים לכל התוכנות


Feedback from my students:


“An enriching and important course for any editor who wants to expand their technical knowledge. In a technological world that is updated every morning, Yaron's lessons are invaluable support. His patience and ability to explain things fluently and simply are a tremendous gift. Thanks!"



"Yaron is an excellent teacher with vast knowledge and has finally brought order to the chaotic and multi-format world we work in. As an editor who has been working on Avid for years, he has been able to teach me software innovations and lots of shortcuts - things that will definitely help me in my daily work.

Yaron, you are my mentor in the digital world!"



"Thanks for this important course!"



"Thanks again for the course. It has restored my confidence in all sorts of things and again gave me the basis that I felt was a bit gone"



“I wanted to say thank you for a fascinating course.

I learned so much about Avid in such a short time. It turned out that for a long time I was working with files in a way that was not right at all, and now everything seems much simpler. Beyond the file matters, the tips you get in the lessons are simply ... wow! A gift for any editor, helping to take advantage of the virtues of Avid”


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