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Avid Media Composer course for advanced editors (ZOOM)

Since the transition from tapes to files, Avid has evolved significantly.


Many editors who learned Avid years ago and have been using it ever since have struggled to keep up. They still edit well, but are not taking advantage of the new capabilities of the software.


This course is designed to introduce, explain, and practice the editors using all of Avid's advanced tools.


The course is rewritten and focuses on editing work, and is suitable for freelance editors in studios, as well as editors working at home.


The course will be held over Zoom with the option to purchase the course recordings.


Every year about ten updates to Avid are released, each with improvements and innovations. 


We editors know how sometimes a small change can make a big difference in the way we edit.


The course program goes through all the changes relevant to you, the working editor, and demonstrates how you can use them in your workflow.


At the end of the course you will feel more confident using Avid, you will be more proficient, and you will edit better.


Topics to be studied in the course:

What's in the course?
נושאים קורס

Feedback from my students:


“An enriching and important course for any editor who wants to expand their technical knowledge. In a technological world that is updated every morning, Yaron's lessons are invaluable support. His patience and ability to explain things fluently and simply are a tremendous gift. Thanks!"



"Yaron is an excellent teacher with vast knowledge and has finally brought order to the chaotic and multi-format world we work in. As an editor who has been working on Avid for years, he has been able to teach me software innovations and lots of shortcuts - things that will definitely help me in my daily work.

Yaron, you are my mentor in the digital world!"



"Thanks for this important course!"



"Thanks again for the course. It has restored my confidence in all sorts of things and again gave me the basis that I felt was a bit gone"



“I wanted to say thank you for a fascinating course.

I learned so much about Avid in such a short time. It turned out that for a long time I was working with files in a way that was not right at all, and now everything seems much simpler. Beyond the file matters, the tips you get in the lessons are simply ... wow! A gift for any editor, helping to take advantage of the virtues of Avid”


Topics to be studied in the course

3 lessons stacked with useful knowledge for everyday work

  • First session - interface and order:
    The new interface, menus, new setups, and useful tricks
    Management / arrangement / search (including audio search - PhraseFind) 
    Tools and methods for smart work

  • Second session - editing: editing, editing and some more editing. Tips, tools, methods and tricks for improving and upgrading the editing experience and timeline in the software.

  • Third session - the rest:
    Media and link management - initial handling of source materials, speeds and resolutions, preparation for color / sound corrections, basic and useful export, and more

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